Grades 4 - 6

  Name   School   Title   Grade   State   View
  Foxx Hart   F L Olmsted School   Nature's Magic   4   MA view
  Katie Dominguez   St Joseph School   A Colorful Summer Painting   4   PA view
  Julia Peters   Toll Gate Grammar School   Horizon   4   NJ view
  Sarah Kim   Avery Coonley School   I Know...   5   IL view
  Avery Fletcher   Balmoral Hall School   Hail and Horses   5   MB view
  AbdurRahma Bhatti   Cambridge Friends School   A Thousand Voices   5   MA view
  Mallory S. Wolfe   North Knox West Intermediate/Elementary School   If Buildings Were Up...and the Sky Was Down...   5   IN view
  Maximiliana Heller   Stanley Clark School   Acceptance   5   IN view
  Lucas Tong   Chinese American International School   Pie   6   CA view
  Grace Lemersal   Meadowbrook Middle School   The Leaf   6   CA view