Language Arts Grants

How does my school qualify to apply for a Language Arts Grant? With over 10,000 schools participating in our contests each year, the top 10% of schools who enter the contest receive a “Writing Achievement Award.” This award gives the school a certificate of honor, special recognition in the anthology and qualifies the school to apply for one of fifty grants that we give to schools across the United States and Canada. Each year, we award $12,500 to help build language arts programs. Because the criteria to quality to receive a “Writing Achievement Award” is a percentage of the schools participating, the exact criteria varies for each contest. In past contests, to qualify for a “Writing Achievement Award,” a school needed to have over 50% of its entries accepted for publication with at least 15 entries being accepted to be published. On average, in order to have 15 entries accepted, a school would need to send in about 30 entries.

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