First Name: Andrew
Last Name: McInnis
School: John G Dinkelmeyer Elementary School
State: NY
Title: Nature
Poem: A forest of flowers as far as the eye can see
Stretching aimlessly for the distant horizon
Resting on the cool dark waters of a remote pond
Hoping that they will not be plucked from peace
And perish

Water that does not flow, yet, it has waves
Smooth, flawless, edges with crests that contrast
Rock in form of water, but still solid
As if the wind and water were locked in mass

Open to the world in secrecy, found but lost
Oases worthy of being the Garden of Eden
The potential to support great, mighty things
And in fear of being discovered by man

One scarce, deserted, landscape
A sea with no water, a savanna without grass
The sun sets and death, becomes life