First Name: John
Last Name: Xue
School: Chapin Middle School
State: SC
Title: Frost
Poem: A dark cold breath blows a silencing night
Turning the ground into an ice snow white
And the deer yonder the hills, trembling with fright
Yes, it is a lonesome depressing winter's night

Sparkling snow melts and the sun's warmth fills
Deer come out of their dens, except the one over the hills
Everyone knows that winter always kills
The robins stop singing and the pansies stay still

Blossoms begin wilting and the oak tree takes their room
The sun shines off a mellowing gloom
As the deer drink from the river, troubling thoughts loom
The night will be here soon

The sun hides its light and shadows awake the place
As the hares scamper away and the fox begins its chase
The deer scavenge worrying in a grueling pace
And the smallest fawn join silently with a sullen face

At last, the breath has come once again…