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Molly Corinna Shay
Grade 3
Newark Charter School, DE

It Is Very Peaceful in the Fall The night waits to see the sun, my fingers cold, my toes are numb.
Just waiting for dawn to break, under the hills and over the lake.
My shadow is very hard to see, outside is just Mother Nature and me.
I can feel the cold come down, crisp leaves crunch into the ground.
Empty trees, just soul and bark, are looking at me in the dark.
The sun waits to see the night. The wind blows, but the trees don't fight.
You can see fall leaves on the ground. You can see them raked into a mound.
The birds are chirping as they move. The leaves are piling on the roof.
Trees just sitting, tall and bare. You can hear leaves crunch anywhere.
The green grass is starting to wilt, turning into a large quilt.
Bugs have started to go away. It is very cool all day.
The birds give a goodbye call. It is very peaceful in the fall.

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