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Avery Enseleit
Grade 6
Harman Elementary School, OH

Her Voice Is a Song Her voice is a song
It rises and falls, a duet begins
Between the book and the messenger
The words written, spun so beautifully
But they would be nothing if the messenger had no emotion
Instead, the book envelopes her, she becomes the book
She feels the character's pain and sorrow
Their delight and happiness; the good times and the bad
Her voice speeds up and slows down
The words become a rhythm
If she was lesser we would not understand
The methodic syllables of words on a page

She becomes the shower, the giver, the sayer, the teacher
She shows us how to feel the book by speaking the language of it, and for us she translates
That translation is beautiful, a dance of precision and grace
We are the onlookers, watching intently, hanging on to every move
Her voice is the beat they dance to
Her face is calm, but excited, like she is thinking of a fond memory
As the chapter ends, her voice slows down and quiets, like waking from a dream
She takes off her glasses as she says the final words, "That is all for today."
And her voice remains a song

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