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Elementary School & Middle School Poetry Contests & More

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It is a Poetry Contest for Children and Teens, a Whole School Writing Contest.

Poetry Contest, How It Works!!

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Your company is doing a great thing for our youth! Writing down thoughts and feelings is a way to express what's inside and very healthy! I pray for all of you to receive a blessing for the kindness and generosity toward our family. Creative Communication is the "real thing!" They deliver a wonderful anthology jammed with the words of our youth - BRAVO!

---- Donna McCracken - Parent

The news of having our daughter's poem published in your anthology has boosted her self confidence and determination to be more creative and competitive. She has gained more respect among her peers and is now taking more leadership roles in class. Keep up the good work of recognizing our future leaders!

---- Dr. and Mrs. Takyi - Parents

I must thank you with my full heart for the confidence and self esteem boost you have given my child. When I read your letter to him it brought tears to my eyes. You see, you have helped my son believe in himself again. For this I am forever grateful and commend you for your program of publishing young poets' thoughts. I extend my warmest regards.

---- Kelly Kathleen Kernich - Parent




Open to students residing in U.S.
Entries must be original and in English.


Poetry Contest

Poems must be 21 lines or less
on any topic

Grade Divisions:


Students share thousands in awards and can become published writers! Enter our free poetry contest and you will have the opportunity to become a new published writer. We have poetry contests for elementary students and middle school students.

The benefits are endless and choosing Creative Communication for your writing competition needs is an easy choice. Enter your kids, teens and students today.

 Who is Creative Communication? 



>   Run by educators for over 20 years
>   A contest that rewards and motivates        writing
>   Three contests a year for schools and        home schools


>   Top Ten winners receive $25 and a
      free book
>   Teachers earn classroom supplies
>   Tens of thousands of dollars
      awarded each year


>  Only the top 45-55% are published
>  No entry fees or purchase
>  Include on college applications

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Top Schools

Is your school at the top? Find out the All-Time and Current Contest stars here.

All-Time Stars

(Top Ranking Schools Overall)

The schools below have the most accepted students in our poetry and essay contests since January 2010.
Poetry Top Schools
# School Name State
1 Mount Carmel Academy LA
2 Elkhorn Ridge Middle School NE
3 St Mary Magdalen Catholic School FL
4 West Middle School MI
5 Sarah McGarvin Intermediate School CA
6 Pennbrook Middle School PA
7 Birchwood School of Hawken OH
8 Whittier Middle School SD
9 Sugar Land Middle School TX
10 St. Matthew Catholic School IL

Contest Stars

(Top Ranking Schools in the Last Completed Contest)

The following schools have the highest number of accepted students for the last completed contest.
Poetry Top Schools
# School Name State
1 Ann Sobrato High School CA
2 Birchwood School of Hawken OH
3 McKamy Middle School TX
4 Dr Kevin M Hurley Middle School MA
5 Tarpon Springs Middle School FL
6 St Mary Magdalen Catholic School FL
7 Marshall Durham Middle School TX
8 Vista Heights Middle School UT
9 River Trails Middle School IL
10 St. Matthew Catholic School IL

Click on a state/province to see the leading schools in that area.



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