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Joanne Wang
Grade 8
Community Middle School, NJ

Bring Me If darkness is all I can reach,
If light is too far from my desperate grasp,
Bring me just a little closer.

If the soles of my shoes are worn down by the beating of the concrete,
If my iridescent wings are clipped and slashed,
Bring me the key to freedom.

If my eyes recognize only black and white in a world of wonder,
If dullness completely engulfs me,
Bring me sparks of color.

If I miss a step forward and trip on the laces of my past,
If I cannot stand again on my own,
Bring me a priceless companion.

If my eyes bear salty droplets of rain,
If happiness is beyond my kingdom of reality,
Bring me a heartwarming smile.

If I am drowning in riptides of confusion and pandemonium,
If I've fallen to the extent of my rope, barely holding on,
Bring me a miracle worthy of a fairytale.

If the impatient clock ticks my final words,
If I am only seconds away from greeting what lies at the end,
Bring me the meaning of life.

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