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This Has Changed the Way I View Myself

" This writing contest has changed me, the way I view myself, and the way I view the world and those around me...Being able to call myself a poet has brought so much happiness and joy into my life. I am so honored to have been able to contribute to your contests and will hopefully be submitting to future ones. This contest has given me the strength and courage to branch out and has helped me find who I am, and for that, I say thank you. "

---- Anna Tringale

Find My Love of Writing

" Thanks again, Creative Communication is very opportunity oriented and has helped me prioritize and find my love of writing. "

---- Shivali

Next Maya Angelou

" I don't know if you know how it feels to be chosen. You make a girl's dream come true and someday I plan to be the next Maya Angelou or a younger version. "

---- Sharron - Student

A Contest I Trust

" Thank you so much for the magnificent email! I am SO happy to be part of this fun contest! When I got that email saying MY poem would be published in an actual book, I started jumping up and down joyfully, and immediately told my parents and the next day, told my teacher. You really made my day! Thanks again for just letting me have fun with this! Even if I don't/didn't win, I got to take part in a wonderful contest on a great website that my family, my school, my friends and I trust. "

---- Lauren Roy

Creative Communication Is the Real Thing

" Your company is doing a great thing for our youth! Writing down thoughts and feelings is a way to express what's inside and very healthy! I pray for all of you to receive a blessing for the kindness and generosity toward our family. Creative Communication is the "real thing!" They deliver a wonderful anthology jammed with the words of our youth - BRAVO! "

---- Donna McCracken - Parent

You Have Made a Difference

" We would like to thank Creative Communication, on behalf of Tabetha Allen. You have brought a smile to her face, and a 'spark' to her life. This contest has shown a little girl that she can...she can do it! Thank you for giving these talented children a place to shine. It is not easy to be a star in this often 'starless world', Tabetha feels like a star today, which of course she is every day! You have made a difference. Thank you again. "

---- Carl Allen and Darlene Dibble - Parents

Speaking with Voices and Visons

" Thank you so much for your lovely efforts at putting together your Young Poet's of the Northeast anthology. We love all the talent, creativity and beauty that it represents and it truly points to hope and light in the world when our young people speak with so many voices and visions. Thank you for giving them this opportunity to shine. All the best to you in your further endeavors. "

---- The Family of Joanna Munson

You Take the Time for Children

" We are so excited about our son's success! He has never been so happy. He seemed so surprised when he received the news letter about the poem contest. The idea of publishing a young person's work is substantial! It has increased his self esteem so much. I think very highly of you and your organization to take the time for these young children. Please, whatever I can do to help you or your organization to keep up the success let me know. "

---- Angie Tidwell - Parent

Recognizing Our Future Leaders

" The news of having our daughter's poem published in your anthology has boosted her self confidence and determination to be more creative and competitive. She has gained more respect among her peers and is now taking more leadership roles in class. Keep up the good work of recognizing our future leaders! "

---- Dr. and Mrs. Takyi - Parents

You Help Children Use Their Talents

" Emily was so excited about being selected and that it will be published. We are grateful for the encouragement of young children to express their creativity and be recognized for their efforts. Thank you again for your efforts in behalf of the youth in this world, to help them use their talents in a positive and uplifting way. "

---- Cynthia Snow Banner - Parent