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Truly Creative Way to Communicate

" Thank you for honoring my daughter Jennifer Sperger by publishing her poem in your special book; A Celebration of Young Poets. It means a lot to her. Once again, I appreciate your interest in the written expression of young people, (a truly creative way to communicate). "

---- Laurie J. Sperger - Parent

Lets Student Know His Potential Is Unlimited

" My wife and I would like to thank you for recognizing our son Joshua. He is a wonderful writer and your recognition of him as one of the 'Northwest's Young Poets' helps us to let him know that his potential is unlimited. "

---- Robert and Sharon Cohee - Parents

Shows Students There Is a Place for Them

" I'm writing this to let you know how proud I am of my daughter, Gwendolyn. I will never forget the look on her face when she read she'd won. She was so proud, she was so excited she has, and I, have told everyone of her accomplishment. My heart was so proud to see her face light up. Gwendolyn is a special person and deserves to be recognized for her achievements as any child does. I am a very proud mother. I wished I would have had a camera. This really upped her spirit. Now a days, with the confusion of the world our children live in, it is important they know they are somebody, especially when they are recognized for who they are by others. This kind of thing does show them there is a place in the world for them after all. This is a joy that will always be shared by many for years to come. "

---- Dianna Wright - Parent

Touches Us All

" I wish you could have been in our home to hear the squeals of joy when little Eva Mae opened your letter saying, 'she was a winner.' The glow of satisfaction and fulfillment radiated through the house touching all of us! She was also very blessed by affirmation and recognition by her school teacher, principal, and grown sisters. "

---- The Shrocks

A Great Motivator

" Thank you for giving my daughter, Amanda this opportunity. When she received your letter about her poem being chosen to be published, she was so happy and proud that words could not describe her excitement. This program is truly a great motivator for young individuals. Once again thank you. "

---- Teresa Dijanik - Parent

A Real Boost to Writing

" We would like our son Benjamin (grade 6) to participate in your Creative Communications contest again this year. Last year he won for his poem about an eagle and was thrilled. It is a real boost to his writing. Please keep us posted on your contests, as we are prepping our next budding poet--Petra, 5 years old! "

---- Stephanie Bethea - Parent

You Support Creativity

" Thank you for the great news! Emily has won many awards for her writing and painting in Denver areas but this is by far her highest. We are very thrilled and we appreciate your efforts in supporting creativity. Very best luck and success to all of you. "

---- Lou and Esther Choi - Parents

You've Helped My Son Believe in Himself

" I must thank you with my full heart for the confidence and self esteem boost you have given my child. When I read your letter to him it brought tears to my eyes. You see, you have helped my son believe in himself again. For this I am forever grateful and commend you for your program of publishing young poets' thoughts. I extend my warmest regards. "

---- Kelly Kathleen Kernich - Parent

The Reason I Write

" I want to personally say thank you!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to let everyone see my poems. Most of them are very personal and I wrote them during a very hard time in my life, but I keep writing because of you guys. So thank you so much!! "

---- Sydney Hamilton - Student

A Contest I Trust

" I am SO happy to be part of this fun contest! When I got the email saying MY poem would be published in an actual book, I started jumping up and down joyfully, and immediately told my parents and the next day, told my teacher. You really made my day! Thanks again for just letting me have fun with this! Even if I don't/didn't win, I got to take part in a wonderful contest on a great website that my family, my school, my friends and I trust. "

---- Lauren Roy -Student