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You Made Her Feel Special

" In response to your letter advising my daughter's poem being chosen for publication. I thank you for this honor on her behalf and mine. She wrote the poem after she learned of a close friend of hers was hit by a car and killed. This poem was an expression of her thoughts and feelings over this loss. I want to thank you for how special you made her feel when she read your letter. "

---- Cynthia Homstead - Parent

Skeptical at First

" My daughter was delighted to receive the letter last week announcing that her poem was selected to appear in print. I must say that I was a bit skeptical at first, even though your presentation appeared very nice and the cost of the anthology is not high compared to others I have heard about. I checked your website and I was convinced that this is indeed worthwhile after I called and talked to a former winner listed from our town. She was a top ten winner and received a free copy of the anthology. She said that she was very pleased with the contest and of her poem in printed form. She had not even purchased a copy prior to winning. Thank you for this opportunity for young creative writers. "

---- Gayle Talbot - Parent

Youth of America Have Concerns to Share

" I'd like to thank you for offering the poetry opportunity to the youth here in the Northwest. After we received notification of publication from you, my eleven-year-old daughter was encouraged greatly to continue writing. She's excited to know that her poem will be published. The youth of America have concerns to share. Thank you again for offering them an outlet to aid them in working through some of their fears. "

---- Kathleen VanRonk - Parent

Children Express Their Creativity

" Our daughter was so excited about being selected and that her poem will be published. We are grateful for the encouragement of young children to express their creativity and be recognized for their efforts. Her teacher was very encouraging as well and we feel fortunate that she has a good program at school for the development of her talents. She is actually the great grand niece of Eliza R. Snow, an early poetess in American History. Eliza wrote the requiems to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams when they died. Thank you again for your efforts in behalf of the youth in this world, to help them use their talents in a positive and uplifting way "

---- Cynthia Banner - Parent

Creative Communication Lived Up to Its Name

" Thank you for selecting our daughter's essay for publication. We were especially pleased as parents, because our youngest daughter, whom the essay is about, has ADHD. It was very touching and moving to read and realize that her older sister sees and appreciates her other great qualities in such a loving way. This "Creative Communication" lived up to its name and was an unexpected, lovely gift for all of us. "

---- Vicky and Bill Guilikin - Parents

Feels Good to Have Everyone Proud

" I would just like to say it is not only a honor to be chosen for publication in the anthology, but it is a pleasure. Never did I for one second think that I would be chosen. I must admit that I was feeling down and lost and almost ready to give up, but when I received your certificate and your acceptance, it lifted my spirits. It made me feel alive again and like I could do anything I put my mind to. So I would like to say thank you, you have no idea what this means to me! It feels good to have everyone proud of you for something you love to do. "

---- Monica Kimbrew - Student

You Have Inspired Me

" You have no idea how happy I am that you like my poetry. So many times I have entered my poems, to contests, and I never even get in the top 1,000. I love writing poems, and stories. But I never got the support I need to go ahead with my dream to become a poet. Thank you so much. Reading the letter you wrote just made me cry. You have inspired me. Thank you. "

---- Amanda Raines - Student

I Can Do Great Things

" I just wanted to thank you for selecting my poem. It has been a encouragement in my writing. I haven't written a poem in a while because I didn't think my work was good enough but now I realize if I put my heart into it, that I can do great things. I want to thank Creative Communication for having the contest that I may get my message out. I was very, very excited when I received my letter. The encouragement and happiness it gave me is indescribable. I just wanted you to know how much this meant to me and I want to thank you again for your acceptance. "

---- Rachel Alane Henderson - Student

Newly Found Confidence

" I am very honored to have my poetry published. I thank you for not only publishing my work, but also giving me the chance to win a Top Ten award. I am extremely flattered. Now, because of this newly found confidence and pride I will continue to write all the poetry that pops into my head! Thank you. "

---- Kate Cavanagh - Student

Amazing Opportunity for Beginning Writers

" Thank you for the incredible honor and opportunity of being published in A Celebration of Indiana's Young Poets. I confess, I was not expecting my entry 'Ground Fruit' to win any honors or mention. I was very surprised and excited to receive your letter. Your contest is an amazing opportunity for beginning writers like myself. Thank you for this great honor. "

---- Erin Smoker - Student