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Creative Communication Looks for Original Work

" I am very impressed by the way you sent my poem to me. This tells me that Creative Communication looks for original work instead of plagiarism, and you find plagiarism any and everywhere. I love poetry. It's a stimulant to my mind. However, I just wanted to inform you all, that I'm actually astounded by the effort that you all put for to present this award and publishing of my works "

---- Danielle Bradley - Student

All My Dreams Come True

" I would like to thank everyone in your organization for allowing all my dreams to come true. I couldn't have done any of the things I have planned in my life if it had not been for the help of your organization. Words cannot express my gratefulness. I am very appreciative and I will not let you down. This has brought so much excitement and motivation to me and I cannot say thank you enough. I am overwhelmed in joy. I prayed that your kind would show favor to me. Some say what happens to a dream differed, for me I wouldn't be able to experience a dream differed. You have played a major role in my success. It's because of you I can face tomorrow. I feel so blessed to know that you care so much. I thank you once again for your support. Your organization will forever hold a place in my heart and life. Thanks again. "

---- Monica S. Dunn - Student

You've Opened a Path for Me

" I gladly appreciate the fact that you have chosen my poem to be published in your beautiful and spectacular book. I look forward to entering your next competition for our new upcoming season. You should know that every time I enter your contest, my heart is filled with such eagerness and elation. That's why I thank you. I never thought that being a good writer would ever pay off and do me any good. But since you guys have recognized the work of a true poet you inspired me to do what I personally think I do best. Write poetry!!! You've opened a path for me where the light is always shining. Thank you so very much. "

---- Debra Frederie - Student

Making Me a Believer

" Thank you very much for picking my poem. This means a lot to me, because I've never won anything like this. Creative Communication made me believe in my work as a young poet. When I get to the time when I'm very talented in writing poems, I will dedicate my first to Creative Communication for making me a believer. With all my heart I say, "Thanks to the judges." "

---- Andre Smith - Student

You Acknowledge the Efforts of Today's Youth

" Thank you for reviewing and accepting my poem for publication! It's very gratifying to know that you reward and acknowledge the efforts of today's youth. I look forward to seeing my poem in print. Obviously, this is a very exciting achievement in my life. It is often stated that poetry is the essence of life; I believe this is true. Moreover, I look forward to seeing the life exude from the pages of your publication. Once again, thank you for reviewing and accepting my poem. And thank you for your time. I'm very flattered. "

---- Michael Bloomingburg - Student

You Opened My Eyes to Something New

" It truly has been an honor to have Creative Communication accept my poem, this was my very first time agreeing to send in my poem to try to become published. I never wrote poems until this year, in my freshman year, I never even thought about writing, because I'm usually always involved in my sports, but now my whole mind has changed about poetry, now that my poem has been chosen, I'm willing to pursue my poetry to higher standards, all thanks to you and the Creative Communication staff. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for opening my eyes to something new, something that I can do for a lifetime. This contest has changed the way I see, think, and look at poetry, my own poetry none the less. In closing I just wanted to say thank you! This truly is an honor. "

---- Britney Morfin - Student

Deliver Students' Hope and Dream

" I would like to extend a great debt of gratitude to you. It is companies and organizations like you that deliver these students' hopes and dreams. Having my first publication in a book has given me a great feeling of confidence. This opportunity is an earned luxury in my literacy pocketbook. I want to extend a token of esteem to you, Creative Communication, for all of your work, opportunities, and most importantly, your constant fight to give students a "pat on the back" they may have never received. "

---- Ray Weyandt - Student

You Are My Hero

" I really enjoy logging into your wonderful website. As for today, I have received a letter notifying me that I was a finalist! I was just so happy. They also stated that my poem is to be published in your new anthology this fall! I thank you so very much for showing me that you really think I have talent. My parents always used to say that I had a gift for writing poems…yet I didn't really take their remarks seriously. Now you are my hero! You have encouraged me in who I am! I cannot tell you how very thankful I am! Thank you! "

---- Jenny Kai - Student

Unearth the Power and Value of Writing

" I would just like to express my greatest thanks for you and your wonderful project for giving me the chance to showcase my poetry. Too many times are children today overlooked for how much they observe and truly know. It is wonderful opportunities like this one that encourages what creativity is left within children today and help that creativity to grow into the great poets and writers that many before us have been influenced by. In such a world that we live in today, ridden with unnecessary technology, corruption, and prejudices that people blindly deny, it is wonderful to see a shining light at the end of the tunnel trying to unearth the power and value of writing once again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving a 15 year old student that chance for her thoughts to finally matter. I appreciate everything you have done and are doing for poets of all ages and will continue to enter your competitions for years to come. So thanks for giving me a chance! I wish you good luck and future success for any projects you may undertake in years to come. "

---- Marian Holmes - Student

My Dream to Share Poetry

" Thank you. I am truly honored to be a part of A Celebration of Florida's Young Poets. This is the first time I have been published, and I owe it to companies like Creative Communication and my wonderful English teacher. I am ecstatic that I even got into the actual contest. I could not believe it when I was called up to the principal's office and he told me. I could not believe that I was finally getting my dream to share poetry with people and it be appreciated. Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. "

---- Sarah Winslow - Student