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Confidence Soars

" This contest has really helped my students' confidence in their writing. I would love to give these students more than praise and with this contest I now can. "

---- Hector Mendez

A Genuine Resource

" It is an honor to work with you. The pride our students share is unbelievable when it comes to their writing. It is a great way to turn them on to poetry, self-expression, and social studies. We thank you. "

---- Darcella Maul

My Kids are Champions

" Thanks again for your wonderful competition. Over many years, I have seen kids grow in their enthusiasm for writing. Fantastic! Today, 39 of our students walked out the door feeling like champions! "

---- Kelly Mattson

Your Contest Creates Enthusiasm

" Wow! We do several different poetry exercises and projects throughout the year and I have found that the experience of working with your contest helps create extra student enthusiasm for their work and our various topics. "

---- Brad Woodward

Write for a Real Audience

" We were also very pleased to be named one of the schools to receive a Poetic Achievement Award. Thank you for sponsoring this poetry contest. It allowed our student poets the opportunity to see that they can, and do write for a real audience. "

---- Barbara Gondek

This Is a Great Incentive

" Thank you for the gift of the students' poetry. This is a great incentive for our young people! At last we are awarding students who excel in other areas besides sports. Congratulations for your interest in our young poets. "

---- Sister Thomas Aquinas

Children See Themselves as Poets

" Thank you for the recent notification to my students regarding the publication of their poems. We were very excited that so many of their poems were selected. We have been reading and writing poems all year. At the end of the year the children will put together their own anthology. They went through their writing folders and selected one poem they wanted to enter. All my children see themselves as poets and it has been wonderful to watch their self-esteem and their ability grow. Thank you again for publishing their poems. "

---- Becky Canning

You Provide an Avenue to Share Poetry

" We are very excited to have the opportunity to have so many of our students chosen for publication in the anthology A Celebration of Young Poets, and are even more excited to receive a free copy for our school library. I have included the coupon which was presented to us. We look forward to receiving the anthology. Thank you very much for this opportunity and providing an avenue for which our students can share their poetry with others. "

---- Kerry C. Hoffman - Principal

Not Just for the Special Learners and Gifted

" I want to tell you how excited my son and I are! I'm just jealous that he's becoming a published writer before me!! Josef and I share an enthusiasm for writing, though neither of us have really tried much poetry. Josef sits for hours, sketching and writing stories. We both love journals and short essays and I love his teachers encouraging poetry writing. As a parent, I'm thrilled with this honor for my child. In an awkward growing period, Josef's self esteem is soaring. As a teacher, I am happy to see a variety of students achieve this honor. Included from our school are remedial students, shy, reserved underachievers and the 'average' students who sometimes get lost amidst the special learners and gifted. Even though a cash prize would be nice, we have already been blessed beyond our hopes. Thank you. Thank you for rewarding the written word, in the recognition that it does truly come from the heart. "

---- Donna Gallion

Students Thrilled to See Their Work

" I want to thank you. Your contest will boost self-confidence, especially for those students who do not play sports. I hope we can continue to contribute to your book. My students are thrilled to see their work in such a wonderful publication! Thank you for your efforts. "

---- Mrs. DeHoney