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Poet Laureate of Oakland, California.

" I want to thank you all for providing opportunities for students to become a published poet! This changes the trajectory of their lives. In fact, one of my students became Poet Laureate of Oakland, California. "

---- Mr. Green

"Published Poet" As Part of a Resume/Portfolio

" I have been entering my students in the Creative Communication Poetry Contest for over 16 years. I chose this company from several out there, not only for the quality of their publication but also for the quality and integrity of the staff and leadership. They put children first and are truly interested in developing in them a love of poetry and quality writing. My students have been thrilled to see their names in print, the desire to write grows as they see a purpose for writing. Parents are extremely proud to have "Published Poet" as part of a resume/portfolio that will go with them through their later education. "

---- Julie Frink

Beautiful Poetry Book

" Entering students' original poetry in Creative Communication's contest has proved over and over to encourage excellent writing and enjoyment of the process. I've had numerous students get their poems published over the years, and I will always treasure the pride shown on their faces as they received their beautiful poetry book with their very own poem printed in it. "

---- Lori Josifek

BIG Picture of Writing

" I really appreciate the program and it helps the students with seeing the BIG picture of writing. Plus I tell them, they are a published author before me. "

---- Lorrin Harris

$25.00 Amazon Gift Card

" I appreciate Creative Communication's kindness. As a public school teacher in Hawaii, we are the lowest paid teaching profession in our nation. I often purchase items for my classroom or students using my own money; therefore, the $25 Amazon gift card is much needed and appreciated. "

---- Kamailla E. MAII'

Create with Words

" Personally, I love your competition, your service, your professionalism, and mostly - the challenge of your contest for my students!! Thank you for all you do to inspire and help young adults create with words what their brains absorb, process, and share!" "

---- Julie Mast

These Thoughts Inside of Them All Along

" I have so enjoyed working with you and I have truly loved seeing the thrill students get when they are recognized for expressing their precious thoughts through the power of the written word. They all have something to say that is worth hearing. They are stunned to discover they've had these thoughts inside of them all along. "

---- Janice E. Yocum

Confidence Soars

" This contest has really helped my students' confidence in their writing. I would love to give these students more than praise and with this contest I now can. "

---- Hector Mendez

A Genuine Resource

" It is an honor to work with you. The pride our students share is unbelievable when it comes to their writing. It is a great way to turn them on to poetry, self-expression, and social studies. We thank you. "

---- Darcella Maul

My Kids are Champions

" Thanks again for your wonderful competition. Over many years, I have seen kids grow in their enthusiasm for writing. Fantastic! Today, 39 of our students walked out the door feeling like champions! "

---- Kelly Mattson