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Writing Talent Recognized

" I personally would like to thank you so much for the opportunity you have been giving our students to have their writing talent recognized. My students truly had fun writing their poems and even had both the pride and fun of sharing them to the class. This is truly a great inspiration and motivation for the students to write. "

---- Gina Laconsay

Proud to be Represented

" Our school is proud to have its students represented in your publication. "

---- G. Weissman

Glimpse into the Hearts of Students

" I personally appreciate the opportunity your company is giving my students to express themselves through the art of poetry. Every year I am able to get a small glimpse into the hearts of my students through their expression. My students repeatedly ask about the contest and eagerly await the results. "

---- Charity Swartwout

Gives Students an Audience

" Thank you for sponsoring the contest. The children were thrilled with their successes and many plan to enter your Spring Contest as well. It has validated their writing and given them an audience and has given them an outlet for their expression. "

---- Maren Smith

Uplifting and Motivating for Students

" Again, I would like to thank you on behalf of my class and my school principal for providing this special opportunity for poems to be published. It is especially uplifting and a major motivator for current students to read poems in print which were created by former students. "

---- Sally Bjornson

They Are Most Deserving

" On behalf of the Janis E. Dismus Middle School faculty and administration, we would like to express to your organization our deep appreciation for recognizing one of our students as one of New Jersey's young poets. My compliments to your entire staff for supporting and encouraging these young adults to pursue their interest in writing poetry; indeed they are most deserving. "

---- Tillie A. Foster

A Better Sense of Self

" On behalf of my Literacy class, I would like to thank you for making their year that much better. They have a better sense of self and are very excited to be "published"!! "

---- Trona Guenther

Share Their Poetic Voices

" The students who did enter were excited to have an opportunity to share their poetic voices with others. We are fortunate to have organizations like Creative Communication who actively promote high school literary endeavors and provide a special forum for young writers to showcase their work. We are truly grateful for your support and consideration in promoting young literary talent in our region. "

---- Greg Sellers

Incentive for Expression

" Thank you so much for providing the incentive for our students to express themselves and be recognized in a positive way. "

---- Ellen M.

Self-esteem Booster

" My students are thrilled with the prospect of being published. Thank you for giving them the opportunity. What a boost to their self-esteem! "

---- Susan Werich