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Think About the Writing

" We have been entering this contest for the last few years and we find it an excellent means to support and motivate our students to think about the writing they engage in and how it impacts others. "

---- Jack Fulton

Makes Their Writing Real

" Thank you for giving young people a chance to see their work published. This makes their writing real and connects them to the outside world. My students are highly motivated by your contest. "

---- Jill Anderson

Making a Difference in Lives

" Thank you once again for making a difference in the lives of young writers. Also, I'm most appreciative for the anthology. Keep inspiring young people to write. "

---- Angela Tusard

Opportunity for Students in Canada

" Last year, a number of my students had their poems chosen for the anthology and it meant so much to them. Thank you for providing this opportunity for students in Canada. "

---- Leonora Papadopolous

Sets the Example of Heroism

" Thank you for your fairness and understanding in considering my differently-abled, Spanish-speaking students. Your equanimity sets the example of heroism my students are searching for in the lives of others such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and themselves. "

---- Marilyn S. Shuster

Key Motivating Factor

" I am pleased to say that the Creative Communication establishment of this contest is an inspiration to Education. The contest is a key motivating factor for young people in academia today. "

---- Administration Office

Joy for Reading, Writing, and Literature

" Thank you for the Poetic Achievement Award. We work hard to instill in the children a joy for reading, writing, and various forms of literature. Several of our students are very excited because their poetic works have been chosen to be included in your next book and are looking forward to seeing their poems in published form. Thank you for giving them this opportunity. "

---- MaryAnn James

Writing Talent Recognized

" I personally would like to thank you so much for the opportunity you have been giving our students to have their writing talent recognized. My students truly had fun writing their poems and even had both the pride and fun of sharing them to the class. This is truly a great inspiration and motivation for the students to write. "

---- Gina Laconsay

Proud to be Represented

" Our school is proud to have its students represented in your publication. "

---- G. Weissman

Glimpse into the Hearts of Students

" I personally appreciate the opportunity your company is giving my students to express themselves through the art of poetry. Every year I am able to get a small glimpse into the hearts of my students through their expression. My students repeatedly ask about the contest and eagerly await the results. "

---- Charity Swartwout