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Self-esteem to Soar

" Thank you for taking interest in students. Such recognition as this can really cause a student's self-esteem to soar. "

---- Collette Fields

Wonderful Venue

" For the past two years, I have really enjoyed your book, and I believe it is a wonderful venue for students to get published. "

---- Joseph Shaver

You Made Us Successful

" I just want to thank you for the grant you bestowed on us last year. I was able to put poetry in our curriculum for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. We could not have done this without your grant. I want you to know how YOU made us successful. I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it is to witness their adulation when they receive confirmation of being published. You have provided an avenue unknown to our student and a means to be successful. They will carry that memory with pride for the rest of their lives. I thank you from my heart and soul. "

---- Gayle Thompson

Making Poetry a Part of Students' Lives

" We would like to express our thanks for the Language Arts Grant from Creative Communication. Special poetry workshops were held for interested students in 5th and 6th grade. Students created poetry on topics of their choice and shared them in a number of ways. Students read their poems on the morning announcements, had them displayed on our school "poet-tree", and created a book of poems for the school library. In summary, this grant helped us provide a school-wide event, making poetry a part of our students' lives. Thank you again for your generosity. "

---- Diane Ecker

Higher Standards in Reading and Writing

" On behalf of South Highlands Elementary School facility and staff, I would like to thank you and Creative Communication for our grant of $250.00 for our students. We plan to continue to participate in your program and feel this grant will motivate others to aspire to higher standards in reading and writing. "

---- Glenda Presley

Confidence of Creative Ability

" I wish to tell you the pleasure and excitement we have all had in participating in your contest. I believe the children have grown in their sincere liking of poetry and have grown in their confidence of their creative ability to express themselves in the forms. I do hope our school shall continue to enter your contest to bring out the young children's special poetic talents. "

---- Shirley Lapean

Share the Magic of Poetry

" I was thrilled by the arrival of your congratulatory letter and the $250.00 grant check. The students and staff at Troutville Elementary are eagerly anticipating the "poetry alive" assembly and workshops in the spring. Your generous grant will enable us to share the magic of poetry and encourage future writers. Thank you for providing an avenue for young poets to have their works published. "

---- Deborah Phillips

Recognizing Talents and Strengths

" Thank you for acknowledging our young poets at Eagleview Middle School. We are appreciative for you recognizing the students' creative talents and the strengths of the instruction from our excellent teachers! We are proud of both of them. Thank you, too, for the complementary copy of A Celebration of Young Poets. "

---- Sherry Royer

Excited About Poetry

" My students have been working on poetry entries for the contest. They were very excited about this!! I was published as a junior in High School and was very enthusiastic that my students wanted to try this as well! Thank you for putting on this contest every year! "

---- Jennifer Haycraft

Nurturing Students' Talent

" My students, our principal, and I were thrilled that so many of our young writers were honored by being chosen. Thank you for supporting the writing of students and nurturing their talent. "

---- Peggy Boldue