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Recognizing Talents and Strengths

" Thank you for acknowledging our young poets at Eagleview Middle School. We are appreciative for you recognizing the students' creative talents and the strengths of the instruction from our excellent teachers! We are proud of both of them. Thank you, too, for the complementary copy of A Celebration of Young Poets. "

---- Sherry Royer

Excited About Poetry

" My students have been working on poetry entries for the contest. They were very excited about this!! I was published as a junior in High School and was very enthusiastic that my students wanted to try this as well! Thank you for putting on this contest every year! "

---- Jennifer Haycraft

Nurturing Students' Talent

" My students, our principal, and I were thrilled that so many of our young writers were honored by being chosen. Thank you for supporting the writing of students and nurturing their talent. "

---- Peggy Boldue

Student Plagiarism

" After reading your letter, which informed me of a student plagiarizing, I spoke to him and his parents to discuss the seriousness of his actions. I am impressed with this organization and would like to participate for many years to come in this contest. "

---- Jennifer Mahan-Diette

Thoroughly Enjoy Seeing Students' Work in Print

" I now have two copies of your Celebration of Young Poets from the two years my students were published in your book. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy seeing my students' work in print, but so do the students and their parents. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing with this program. "

---- Therisa Backus

Adds Motivation When Writing

" Thank you once again for this poetry contest. It is a wonderful opportunity for my students to submit their work for possible publication. It gives them added motivation when they are writing. "

---- Gloria Pueschel