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Student Plagiarism

" After reading your letter, which informed me of a student plagiarizing, I spoke to him and his parents to discuss the seriousness of his actions. I am impressed with this organization and would like to participate for many years to come in this contest. "

---- Jennifer Mahan-Diette

Thoroughly Enjoy Seeing Students' Work in Print

" I now have two copies of your Celebration of Young Poets from the two years my students were published in your book. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy seeing my students' work in print, but so do the students and their parents. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing with this program. "

---- Therisa Backus

Adds Motivation When Writing

" Thank you once again for this poetry contest. It is a wonderful opportunity for my students to submit their work for possible publication. It gives them added motivation when they are writing. "

---- Gloria Pueschel