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Gives a Feeling of Success

" Thank you for conducting this contest. Knowing that their poems will be published has given these students a feeling of success. Since they are all Title I reading students who have difficulty with reading and writing anyway, your recognition of their literary talents has been especially meaningful to them. "

---- Margaret Cheasebro -Counselor

Poetry Is an Outlet for Feelings

" I wish you could see the poems my students have written about what happened at Columbine. We had many connections with the school, so students were very impacted by the tragedy. Poetry is such a blessing as an outlet for our innermost feelings! "

---- Kathleen F. Esmiol

A Wonderful Way to Start the Year

" I would like to say thank you for your wonderful contest. I can't tell you how excited this year's students were to submit their work. When we presented our poems at our Author's Tea, the parents were very pleased. Presenting your poem and then having it published, is a wonderful way to start the school year. "

---- Jacolyn Krause

A Valuable Gift to Students

" Thank you for sponsoring the Texas Young Poets' Contest. Many of my students, while being hesitant about their abilities as poets, were willing to take the risk to enter the competition. Consequently, I have enclosed their submissions. Regardless of the outcome of this contest, the sense of possibility and anticipation it has created is a valuable gift to our students. "

---- Trumanell Maples

Vehicle to Showcase Students' Work

" Thank you for offering the contest/anthology for young writers. In this world of video games, virtual reality, and other technological hooplah, it is nice to have a group such as you who still value the written word! So many high school students love to write poetry and I think it is wonderful to provide a vehicle through which to showcase their work. "

---- Anne Byrd

You Provide Hope

" Enclosed are two poems by former students of mine who attended a school for emotionally disturbed and learning disabled students. You cannot imagine the struggles these students face. Their worlds are full of anguish and disappointment. The simple hope provided by entering your contest is extremely important to them. "

---- Sharon Burtner Jackson

You Make Me Look Forward to Teaching Poetry

" I can honestly say that you make me look forward to teaching poetry to my students in the fall because I know we are sending them on to your contest. Also, I send my poems to you and I show my students how important it is that I am pushing myself to newer limits through the action. We all love the day we receive the books in the mail and see the names of the poems in black and white. My principal Mr. Kempton, values poetry a lot and has been reading our published poems over the announcements to share pride with the whole school!!! "

---- Julie Leedy

Students' Egos Soar

" We feel fortunate to be acquainted with your organization, one that is sincerely dedicated to promoting poetry among junior and senior high school students. My students' egos soar when they get news of publication in your anthology, and I truly think this honor raises their appreciation and love of poetry. "

---- Kristin Hahn

Wonderful Partnership

" The excitement my students express when the receive acceptance for publication is fun for me as a teacher to watch and experience. What terrific motivation for them to creatively write and express themselves! Thank you for your work to that end. It has been wonderful partnering with you. "

---- Melissa Albert

Poetry Can Be Healing

" This is such a wonderful opportunity for the students. I wanted to share one poem in particular with you. I know each student's poem is special in their own way. However, when Justin Hardesty wrote about "Donuts", a scent which reminds him of his father, it may be the first time he has been able to even mention his dad. Justin's father was a police officer who was killed in pursuit of a suspect just over one year ago. Poetry can be very healing. "

---- Kathleen Stoeser