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Students' Egos Soar

" We feel fortunate to be acquainted with your organization, one that is sincerely dedicated to promoting poetry among junior and senior high school students. My students' egos soar when they get news of publication in your anthology, and I truly think this honor raises their appreciation and love of poetry. "

---- Kristin Hahn

Wonderful Partnership

" The excitement my students express when the receive acceptance for publication is fun for me as a teacher to watch and experience. What terrific motivation for them to creatively write and express themselves! Thank you for your work to that end. It has been wonderful partnering with you. "

---- Melissa Albert

Poetry Can Be Healing

" This is such a wonderful opportunity for the students. I wanted to share one poem in particular with you. I know each student's poem is special in their own way. However, when Justin Hardesty wrote about "Donuts", a scent which reminds him of his father, it may be the first time he has been able to even mention his dad. Justin's father was a police officer who was killed in pursuit of a suspect just over one year ago. Poetry can be very healing. "

---- Kathleen Stoeser

Revitalizing a Love for Writing

" Last spring, this contest for original pieces of poetry was a huge success for our students and school. Our school, Lad Lake-Synergy North, is being overwhelmed with our students' excitement this spring for the contest. During each English class this past month, the students asked me to introduce them to new styles of poetry and poets. Your organization has revitalized a love for writing in the hearts of our students. They have discovered that their struggles and strife gives them the passion to whisper the words of poetry on their paper, in hopes that their poems will echo into the future of your Spring edition. "

---- Steven Gross

It Makes Such a Difference

" I don't know if you realize what your contest has done here at SHS. Many students who have low self-esteem and little motivation have turned in high quality poems for class assignments. At my prodding, many submitted them to your contest and have been chosen for publication. They are both stunned and thrilled! Many of these students are in the lowest academic track. Some are even special education students. They now realize that they have talent. It makes such a difference to be chosen by you. They now realize that I'm not just flattering them; I really do recognize their talent! Thank you so much for building their self-esteem and giving them the courage to keep trying in school! "

---- Dr. Miriam S. Johnson

Children Get Excited About Expressing Thoughts

" This was the first year that I knew anything about your contests. My class is so excited that they can't wait for the next contest. They already are discussing their topics and practicing different types of writing. They actually begged me to allow them to write poems to enter the poetry contest. I have been teaching for 29 years and I have never seen a group so excited about writing thanks to the essay contest. It's wonderful to see the children get excited about expressing their thoughts. "

---- Rhona Houseman

You've Inspired Hidden Poets

" My classes have entered your poetry competition for the last four years. I am thrilled as well as our school, that numerous students' entries have been published. New in-coming sixth graders look forward to entering your contest each year. You have truly inspired many hidden poets in our town. My classes really enjoyed entering your competition and continue to write poems throughout the year, as a result. We hope to continue to work with you in the future. "

---- Christina Olague

Incentive to Do Their Best

" Enclosed are my students' different forms of poetry for your super contest! This is the third year that I have entered my language and creative writing fifth grade classes in this contest. Everyone needs an incentive to do their very best. When I found about Creative Communication's poetry contests, I knew this was a great way to give an incentive and help my students enjoy poetry. They even ask if they can write different poems of many subjects! Wow! "

---- Sue Cassidy

Your Provide an Outlet for Expression

" I would like to thank you for providing the opportunity and the motivation for my students to express themselves poetically. We have had numerous winners over the last few years, and each new year the classes truly enjoy reading published poems written by "real" people they know. Boys as well as girls take the poetry unit and this writing exercise very seriously. I'm proud of the students' work being submitted. Just the thought of their poems possibly being selected has generated a real excitement within the class. Thank you again for sponsoring this contest and providing an outlet for these students to express themselves in a way, which is not always considered "cool." "

---- Lorraine Behrens

Writing Dreams Affirmed

" Thank you very much for all the wonderful writing opportunities that your company has provided for my students over the last three years. Many of my students have had their writing dreams affirmed and realized after being published in your anthologies. "

---- LaVona Cerna