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Excited by Their Writing

" I was recently pleased to learn that several of my students were chosen as finalists in your "Washington's Young Poets" contest. We were anxious to respond to your requests of having the poems published. Although winning a prize can be a real motivator, the children eagerly await seeing their original work published in a book. Many of them have never been excited about their writing before. "

---- J. Stolte

More Confident About Abilities

" I am writing to express my deepest thanks to you and your staff for selecting my learning support and gifted support students' poems for publication. I also greatly appreciate the free books, which are now a part of our classroom library. My students' parents are very proud and elated. My students are more confident about their writing abilities and continue to look forward to more assignments. "

---- Ella Macklin

Incentive to Get Creative Juices Flowing

" Your contest is one that I try to have my students participate in each year. Contests such as yours give the students an incentive to get their "creative juices" flowing. It is a wonderful vehicle for them outside of the usual curriculum demands. Thank you for all of your efforts in putting together such a mammoth project. "

---- Loretta Christoforo

Excitement Generated by Poetry

" It is very rewarding to see the excitement generated by poetry. Over half of my students took their poems home this weekend in order to "make them perfect". Thank you for this marvelous opportunity to inspire young people. "

---- Tina Moore

Students Try Out Their Writing Wings

" I would like to tell you about the commotion you created when we received your letter! It was just what the doctor ordered!! Out of my 52 students in Language Arts, 25 had submitted their work to your contest. Of the 25 submitted, 9 were accepted! Unbelievable! For my 1st year trying to get my students' work published, my dreams and hopes were surprised! Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given these young adults to try out their "writing wings". Who knows what doors you have opened with your positive acknowledgment of their work! "

---- Nancy Anderson

Tremendous Boost in Self-esteem

" Thank you so much for your recent letter informing our school that three of our students have had their poems selected to be published in your poetry anthology. Again, thank you for the opportunity to recognize these fine young poets. The honor of having their poems selected for publication has been a wonderful reward for their creative efforts, as well as a tremendous boost in their self-esteem. "

---- Allison Lucas

There Is Much Celebration in Our School

" My words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your encouraging young poets. For the past several years, I have submitted writings of my students. When we receive word that some of the poems have been selected for your Celebration of Young Poets, there is much celebration in our school. Not only the fifth graders, but also every grade level joins in congratulating the poets. We tag the pages, place a copy in the library, and read the selections to various classes. Providing the incentive, furnishing a way for students to get published, and printing a quality book have been wonderful opportunities you give to my children. I am truly grateful to your company. "

---- Jo-Lee Buncic

They Gave It Their All

" I would like to personally thank you for creating a contest such as this one. It gave my students purpose when composing their stories. I agree that many of them are incredibly talented writers as well, I agree that many of them "gave it a good shot". Either way, they had a purpose and they gave it their all. "

---- Marsha Layne

siStudents Enthuastic About Enduring Poetry

" My students discovered your poetry contest two days before your stated deadline. While a short discussion ensued, there was not enough time to really expose them to the finer points of poetry. A few students, however, were so enthusiastic about enduring poetry. The first may bring an Edgarian smile, the others but only a wince; as budding pre-teen love can be sweetly and surely…evident. "

---- Mr. Wright

Commitment to Language Arts and Young People

" The Language Arts classes enjoyed the unit on poetry and we appreciate a forum such as yours to encourage publishing final works. We have entered your contest in previous years and enjoyed seeing many of our students' poems published. Traditionally, we conduct a Poetry Night in February as our school's celebration, so these poems are a wonderful springboard for that event. Thank you for your commitment to Language Arts and young people. "

---- Carol Peardon