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Submitting Poems Since 1998

" I have been submitting my students' poems to you since 1998. I love the self esteem it has given those students who are fortunate enough to have their poetry published in your book! I know for a fact that your company is not a scam because not every child gets published. You also publish the poems regardless of whether they purchase a book or not. "

---- Debbie Nostro

Giving Students Confidence and Hope

" Let me thank you for all that your organization has done for the children of Presidio. The publication has given several of my "at-risk" students confidence and hope, it has helped to preserve the memory of others. Together the students earned over $1,000 to purchase their books while dabbling in entrepreneurship. The book itself gave these kids motivation to try their hardest and express themselves earnestly and honestly. Though I am not currently teaching, I hope to again open more children's eyes and hearts by giving them the opportunity to become published by your organization. Thank you for the opportunities you have given to us all. "

---- Melody Gomez

She Is Absolutely Thrilled!

" My daughter created this poem completely on her own, and I only found out about her submission though her teacher at Maplewood Middle School, when her teacher advised me that her poem was chosen for publication. She is absolutely thrilled!! She is not only a good student, but plays sports on regulated teams (Soccer, baseball, and basketball). Her teacher was so proud of her that he told his other classes about her poem being published. "

---- Patti Abbott - Parent

Proud of Their Essays

" We sincerely appreciate the chance to participate in your fine contest. My students are so proud of their essays (and the chance to be "published authors") P.S. I've been entering students in your contest for 10 years!!! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING YOUNG AUTHORS!!! "

---- Carol Martin-Gregory

Your Program Is Excellent

" Your program is excellent and my students' enjoy the recognition for their hard work. Your publications are of impeccable quality and I love showing my students' work off throughout the community. Keep up the good work. "

---- Dr. Wanda D. Dixon

Opportunities for Real Publishing

" Thank you so much for running the poetry contests. It gives my students super opportunities for real publishing. Also, thank you for the free book. "

---- Greg Crow

No Idea What a Big Deal This Is

" Thank you for selecting my students' work. You have no idea what a big deal this is. Some of my children cry, others dance, and some just sit and smile. Thank you! "

---- Raimie Manch

Students Become Motivated

" My students become extremely motivated to write in hopes to see their work published in a book. This opportunity is inspiring to all! Thank you! "

---- Susan Keehner

Great Motivational Tool

" As previously mentioned, these writing contests are great motivational tools for my students! The thought of having a poem published for everyone to see is a definite lure, especially for those eighth graders that want to pursue careers as journalists or writers in the future. Thanks again for making writing enjoyable for these up and coming authors. "

---- Anona Hemming, Ed.S

Support Student Endeavors

" Thank you and your organization for your support of student endeavors. The look of pride on my students' faces when they found out they were accepted has been one of those "special" teaching moments this year. "

---- Joseph T. Vaine