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Adding Flavor to Education

" We were very excited that many of our students who entered the contest were chosen for publication. Thank you for adding flavor to education. "

---- Velma Small

Authors Accomplish Their Goal

" Thank you so much for allowing our writers' club the opportunity to express themselves and then be heard. An outlet such as yours is a wonderful resource for young authors to accomplish their goal. "

---- Ellen Glasser and Ron Parmegiani

Great Outlet for Student Writing

" I have been entering my students' work for the past two years, and I think this is a great outlet for student writing! Thanks so much for considering the work of my students – they have never entered their work in anything before and this lets them know that it is possible to see your name in print. "

---- Elizabeth Raupers

Helps to Inspire Students

" I have sent poems to your Creative Communications Poetry contests and we have won. This helped to inspire the students to write. Thank you for this awesome contest that helps us desperate teachers. "

---- Paula Rivera

A Challenge to Our Students

" Thank you for inviting us to offer this opportunity and challenge to our students. "

---- Sister Agnes Marie Keena

Wonderful Opportunity for Children

" Thank you all so much for all that you do. This is a wonderful opportunity for all children everywhere! "

---- Thomas L. Munoz

Teaching Tool and Student Motivator

" I wanted to extend my appreciation for this excellent opportunity – each of my students is ecstatic and striving to learn more about poetry – its history and composition. Again thank you and your organization for this teaching tool and student motivator. "

---- Fred Rogers

Exhilarating Experince for All

" My students enjoyed the process of writing the poetry for the contest and illustrating their poems. We hope that you enjoy our poems, and we plan on participating in the future. This has been an exhilarating experience for all involved. "

---- Dee Dee Tucker

Two Wild Weeks of Poetry

" We have just finished two wild weeks of poetry. Kudos to you for encouraging writing. We had fun with this. "

---- Kathryn A. Banbury

A Fabulous Experience

" Thanks for affording my students such a fabulous experience. They were unbelievably motivated, so I included quite a variety of their work. They felt very important at being included. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! "

---- Carlton Oquendo